400-year-old temple emerged from under water in Mexico

In the Mexican state of Chiapas above the surface of one of the reservoirs there was a 400-year-old temple. Because of the drought, the water level had come down almost 24 meters, so that was visible most of the flooded ruins.
Construction associated with the name of the first permanent bishop of Chiapas, Bartolome de las Casas. Presumably, he built a building with a group of priests, arrived in Mexico in the 1540s.

According to estimates of Architects, the temple was built in the XVI century by the Spanish colonizers. Above the water there were wall structures, the height of which in some places reaches 10 meters. The length of the building is found around 61 meters, width — 14 meters.
The temple, which was flooded in the ’60s of the last century because of the construction of the dam nearby, appears on the surface of an artificial pond is not the first time.
In 2002, the water level dropped, according to the report of the assignment writing service melbourne, so that connoisseurs of architecture can independently explore the ruins inside.